Prepare. Train. Succeed.

Train It Like You’ll Use it

Standing in your prefered shooter stance, firing your weapon down a lane at a target = target/shooting practice. Curled up in the mud in an uncomfortable position, firing your weapon througb a “mouse hole” at a target surrounded by “nags” (NonAGgressorS), that when shot, will instantly disqualify you from your “run” = Real world tactical firearms training. It’s a slim chance oh reader, that in a situtation where you are forced to use your firearm in self defense, that your aggressor will wait for you to achieve your “proper stance”, get your “proper grip” on your firearm, give everyone around you time to evacuate the field of fire and then let you take your first shot. No, most firearm related defensive situations go like this: Your mind screams “oh, crap!” a hundredth of a second before you scream “OH, CRAP!!”, then reach for your firearm and grab a handful of coat or shirt along with it while tripping and falling down as you try to ditch the handful of coat or shirt and find your weapons trigger, while people scream “Oh My God! He’s Got A Gun!” and run around in front of you while your aggressor sends stray round after stray round in your direction; and after being trampled while scrambling for cover, you finally find yourself wedged under the gas tank of a car with literally 2 seconds of time in which to effectively neutralize the aggressor without your well placed round hitting anyone else…the whole while, favoring an intensely painful cramp in your hamstring.

 Train yourself for real world application. Hope for the best, prepare and train for the worst.

Prepare. Train. Succeed.

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