Prepare. Train. Succeed.

The Most Critical Survival/Tactical Tool

A Knife you say? Well, a good knife designed on a platform for multiple purposes is definitely in the top three tools you should never be without but a knife can be lost or broken. A watch, you reckon? Believe it or not, a good watch, while not a critical tool, is still in the top 5. No, the most critical survival tool you can own is a mind filled with survival knowledge and training. It can’t be broken or lost and with that single tool alone, you can build or acquire any other tool you might need. Nosce te ipsum or temet nosce, “know thyself”, analyze your skillsets and capabilities and -don’t fool yourself-, if you find you aren’t as strong in a given survival or tactical skillset as you should be, don’t shrug it off, get training, continue training and strengthen it. Our mind is the only tool on Earth that gets sharper the more we use it.

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