Prepare. Train. Succeed.

The “Mama/Papa Bear” Myth

Let’s talk about the Mama or Papa Bear Myth. The myth, which believe it or not is really a deep, entrenched mindset of some people, goes like this…”I don’t exercise or train to fight/survive but the moment either myself or my children are in danger, I become strong as a bear and will beat up anyone who tries to hurt us!”…..Nosce te ipsum, Know Thyself. Recognize this…Yes, feeling like we are in danger activates our adrenaline and we are sometimes capable of great feats of strength…but a 100lb mama or papa bear who picks up that baseball bat they have by the door, will 99.999% of the time, be beaten to death or otherwise greatly harmed when they try to use their “mama/papa bear” strength on a 325lb, drug or rage fueled intruder. If you truly believe that without exercising and without training to fight, that you can take a baseball bat and effectively defend yourself and or your children, against someone who might have been either training to or actively working to kill people for money, you are literally gambling  your and your family’s lives. We get it, -everyone- wants to see themselves as strong and capable enough to defend their children. Some of us also don’t like guns and don’t like the thought of hurting others so a baseball bat seems like the perfect weapon. It is your life and it is you whom are responsible for your children’s lives…if you’re “good” with relying on untested, untrained, mythical super powers to defend those you love, we applaud your sense of self worth and capability…while at the same time, strongly urging you to get training…at least go to the cages and swing that bat 20 or 30 times a week until you build up the muscles and muscle memory that will facilitate your amazing feat of personal strength that saves your life. Prepare. Train. Succeed….or don’t; and fail.

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