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“Sheepdog” is a modern term that means “one who protects others” and is usually used as a nickname for police or soldiers but refers to a much broader swath of people The name seems to suggest that many people are timid and need someone to protect them…and for a good portion of our species, this is true; but we’re not huge fans of being called dogs or assuming most people need protection. There are people among us however, who can’t help but throw themselves in harms way to help others when they see suffering. The kind of people who can listen to a person tell them they are bad and evil because they own and train with “guns”, then turn around and use their “guns” to help that person when their life is being threatened. It’s something inherent in their nature that they can’t help. When they see someone being threatened, that “something” in them drives them to help, no matter how dangerous the situation. While we might not like the name and assumptions that come with it, in modern times it is much more digestible of a term than “heroes”. To all of those among us who for the sake of others, slide themselves chin to chin between death and survival, we blog out this heart felt thank you.

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