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Product Review

We’ve been testing them for 16 months and here’s the skinny on these Rocky C5C Boots.
1. When you first put them on and wear them around for a couple of hours, you will discover they are the most painfully uncomfortable boot you’ve ever put on…Sweet Lula May are they uncomfortable.
2. By the time you “break them in”, that is, by the time they are starting to get comfortable to wear, you’ll have blisters across the top of your toes.
3. After you get them broke in and they stop destroying your feet, you will find they are the lightest, most rugged, most comfortable boot you could purchase in their price range…but you gotta double suffer through that break in period to discover this.
4. They don’t do well in snow…at all.
5. If you are strong enough to make yourself wear them until they are broke in, you’ll reach a point where you’ll prefer wearing them over any other duty shoe or boot you have including your favorite comfy house slippers.

Rating: For the initial break in period, we give these boots a -1,000. They hurt and they will make you loathe the idea of putting your feet in them for even ten minutes. After the break in period and while being used in hot weather, we rate these with an 8.5 out of 10.

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