Prepare. Train. Succeed.

Plan On It Going Wrong

If your idea of “planning” for an emergency consists of a series of best case scenario events occurring in an unbroken chain, you have obviously never tried to execute a detailed plan in an asymmetric environment replete with unknown variables. If you think there is a “chance” that something might go wrong with a plan, your “inner voice” has just told you, blatantly, that something -will- go wrong with your plan. Don’t ignore it. Lay your plans, then take time to go over them and think of what could go wrong during their execution, all the while developing “back up plans” to deal with those “setbacks”. For instance, if you are planning to go from point “A”, to point “B”, think of any potential obstacles or challenges that could appear which might hinder your progress, then develop contingency plans to overcome those challenges. Keep your “what ifs” as “real” as possible. Yes, alien spaceships might appear and start shooting at you with laser beams but it is much more likely that you would have a flat tire or run into road blocks during your plan as opposed to…you know… potentially being caught in the middle of a global space invasion. You can’t plan for every possible obstacle but you should definitely plan for any reasonable challenge that could churn itself up.

Prepare. Train. Succeed

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