Prepare. Train. Succeed.

People Are People Until They’re Not

Anyone who has been in an intense crisis situation with other Humans can tell you that people, while for the most part are or want to be inherently good, can become a critical liability when things go “squirrely”. Fear, Confusion, Mob Mentality and Despair can all combine and make normally decent folk behave in despicable manners. Most people don’t like to or can’t admit that they lose their minds in a crisis situation. It’s a pleasant lie to believe that when the SHTF, we will somehow rise to the top, be a pillar and do what it takes to help the people we love. It’s not until they’re actually thrust into a “trial by fire” situation that all the illusions are burned away and we see what we are truly capable or incapable of…and then of course, it’s too late.
When we train for crisis management, if we don’t take into account the “human factor”, we’re only half training for bad situations. So you know what to do in a hurricane to keep yourself and your family alive. Excellent!! Now what do you do when people are going door to door after the hurricane looking for food or “stuff” to take? Or what do you do when food and water is cut off and you have to get back and forth to FEMA drop points surrounded by people who want what you have? (If you haven’t realized that a natural disaster can bring out the worst in humanity as well as the best, you haven’t researched the aftermath of hurricane Katrina).
You don’t have to arm to the teeth and shoot at anyone who comes near you. You in fact don’t even need to own a gun…but you do need a plan and training. Hope to see the best in everyone after a crisis but plan and train to deal with the worst.

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