Prepare. Train. Succeed.

“I’ve Seen it Done On Line”

Look. Read. Learn. There is nothing that you have seen done on the internet, that you can do as efficiently, proficiently and consistently as the people who train for it. If learning worked this way, we could watch someone fly a space shuttle and call ourselves astronauts. We could watch someone win a marathon and call ourselves champion runners. When it comes to bushcraft survival and tactical life approach skills (thank you Immediate Threat Solutions) the same is true. Yes, necessity is the mother of invention and watching a survival skill executed on a survival show does give you a certain level of basis for success but “observation” is waaaaaay different than “application”. Someone who actually takes time to learn (by doing) how to create fire by rubbing two sticks together is meters and miles ahead of someone who saw it once on the internet. The same is true of tactical firearm applications. Watching a “firefight” on the internet does not prepare you for being in a firefight. Training yourself to apply, in real life, what you’ve seen on the internet, will.

    It’s okay to learn about any tactical or survival skillset on the internet but dying with a head full of inapplicable knowledge is a sad way to go. Set yourself up for success and learn by doing, not by watching. Sit back and take a long thought about any and all situations that you think you could find yourself in where your survival is at stake. Then, be honest with yourself (or more to the point, nosce te ipsum, Know Thyself), identify the holes in your skillsets and then take the time to fill them in with “learning by doing”.

    Prepare. Train. Succeed.

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