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Improvised Emergency Medical Care

Your plan for Emergency Medical Care shouldn’t be based on “Improvisation”. I.E.M.C. is what happens when you are caught off guard and unprepared for the medical emergency you are facing. Put together a comprehensive medical kit with components specifically designed for wound management and other trauma, train to use those components. Then, train to improvise. Sometimes we come across a situation that our kit can’t handle (for instance, few of us carry automatic defibrillators in our med kit but we might come upon a moment when we need to know how to use them) and we need to know what we can do to “improvise” a treatment if for no other reason, than to keep someone alive until we can get them to a facility equipped to handle their debilitation.

One of the many courses we teach is Improvised Emergency Medical Care and it is based on “out of hand” scenarios where a person finds themselves without a comprehensive med-kit and are dealing with serious wounds with nothing more than what they have at the moment. We do not plan on or encourage anyone to plan on improvised medical treatment as a first choice. A plan based on improvisation isn’t a plan at all. It is a courtship for disaster. But as the old phrase goes, “sh*t happens”. You either roll with the moment or you will be rolled by it. Improvise and succeed or throw your hands up and fail. Educate yourself, learn what works and what doesn’t, learn what can be improvised and what can’t, then put together a good med-kit and don’t leave home without it…Just remember, knowledge is the only tool that can’t be lost, taken or left behind. Educate yourself. Get Training.

Prepare. Train. Succeed.

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