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Go With What Works

“If it works, it aint stupid”. The “right” way to do something is the way that is safe and effective. My sister is right handed and left eye dominant, meaning she uses the “wrong” eye when she shoots sidearms (pistols). Some firearm instructors would tell  her that she was shooting the “wrong way”…and she would out shoot them every time doing it the “wrong way”. She is accurate. I mean “punching out the X, stacks the rounds, never misses a shot” freaky accurate. So, what do you do? Tell someone who is consistently far beyond your skill level that they are doing it “wrong”? Cry “beginners luck” when at any time, any place in any weather, they can consistently beat you at your own game? At I.T.S., we teach our clients that the only “right way” to do something is the safe and effective way…other than that, if you’re holding your weapon “wrong” standing “wrong” or any other “wrong” thing, as long as it is -safe-, effective and you are happy with your results, we say, “if it works, it aint stupid”.

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