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june, 2020

Basic Firearm 1: Familiarization

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Basic Firearm 1: Familiarization

Understanding the fundamentals of safely handling, storing and operating a firearm is a very important skill in today’s time. Regardless of your standpoint on gun control or the second amendment, chances are that you may at some point in your life encounter a situation where you need to handle a firearm. Whether finding one in a bathroom stall or a taxi, retrieving and securing one from an injured motorist or pedestrian, or in the most extreme instance, you are called upon to use a firearm to save your life and the lives of others, knowing the basics can go along way towards keeping you and others safe. Add to that, Learning firearm safety and passing the knowledge onto our children is the first big step in stopping accidental firearm deaths.

Classes are by appointment, the subject matter of this course will include but is not limited to:

Firearm Safety

Rules and Regulations

Firearm Mechanics

Types and Calibers

Specializations and Uses


Sights and Aiming

Trigger Discipline and Control

Zones of Fire

Firing Range Drills

End of Course Skills Test

Your instructor for this course is:

  • A gun violence survivor
  • A firearm instructor with over 25 years of experience
  • A registered federal contractor
  • Certified in Tactical Combat Casualty Care, CPR and Stop The Bleed
  • Trained by FEMA and Texas A&M to instruct active shooter response
  • A personal protection and home/family defense instructor

Participant requirements: Must be 21 years and older, must be eligible to obtain a FOID card, no FOID card required.

Cost: $60.00 per person (includes range fees)

Course Duration: 3 hours

For training quality purposes, no class may have more than 4 participants, families and groups are encouraged

For more information or to schedule a class, contact 217.361.5691, find us on facebook:


Year Around Event (2020)


1815 W. Jefferson St.

1815 W. Jefferson St.

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