Prepare. Train. Succeed.

Don’t Go Rigid

Survival situations are by nature asymmetrical. They can be static, meaning you stay in one place. They can be dynamic, meaning it involves a whole lot of rapid movements. They can be a combination of both. Get training and learn the tools of the trade but don’t get rigid with one way of doing anything. You might not be able to take a “shooter stance” during a gunfight, so don’t get rigid and train yourself to only shoot on your feet in your preferred stance. You might not have access to a good length of paracord, so don’t get rigid and train yourself to only be able to make snares out of paracord.

When we train a lot and get muscle memory built up, we should be sure to continually challenge ourselves to be proficient in situations that might happen outside our “comfort zone”. The only “absolute” you should embrace in your training, is the absolute immutable demand for the discipline of safety. in RWA (Real World Applications) sometimes you have to throw down on some unsafe behavior but there’s no good excuse for being unsafe while training.

Anyone who’s been in the business long will tell you that training methods change. Way back when, you were taught to shoot a rifle with your elbow sticking out in a “chicken wing” or to grab the wrist of your gun hand with your free hand instead of cupping your hands on the handle when firing a pistol. Back then, if you showed firearm instructors how we do it now, they’d probably freak out and tell you that you’re an idiot. Stay fluid, or like Bruce Lee said “be formless” and let your skillsets and proficiencies mold to the moment and don’t cling to anything that doesn’t work for you.

Prepare, Train, Succeed

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