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Don’t Wait To Learn It On The Fly

The thought of being able to spontaneously know how to react well in a crisis situation is an amazingly comfortable, disarming and dangerous lie we tell ourselves. The old “momma bear” myth or the “testosterone tale”. Think forward and look forward, if you think you might find yourself in a dangerous situation that you’re not… Continue Reading

It’s that time of year again when the weather isn’t completely miserable and we’re firing up our spring classes and getting the training areas back up to speed. We’ll be adding new courses to our training page and advertising events on our calendar coming soon. Continue Reading

It’s That Time of Year

Ticks. Mosquitoes and those damned Buffalo gnats. It might take some experimentation but it behooves everyone to figure out a concoction that will repel all three. Most of us use a combination of deet or deet substituted repellant for ticks and mosquitoes and a good spray or two of lemon eucalyptus stuff to keep the… Continue Reading

Emergency Food

This is an M.R.E., Meal Ready to Eat or as we like to call it “Three lies in one”. It’s a prepackaged food that’s easy to carry, has a fairly long shelf life and comes in a wide variety of “flavors”. If you don’t have an emergency food source stashed away already, these will keep… Continue Reading

People Are People Until They’re Not

Anyone who has been in an intense crisis situation with other Humans can tell you that people, while for the most part are or want to be inherently good, can become a critical liability when things go “squirrely”. Fear, Confusion, Mob Mentality and Despair can all combine and make normally decent folk behave in despicable… Continue Reading

Don’t Go Rigid

Survival situations are by nature asymmetrical. They can be static, meaning you stay in one place. They can be dynamic, meaning it involves a whole lot of rapid movements. They can be a combination of both. Get training and learn the tools of the trade but don’t get rigid with one way of doing anything.… Continue Reading