Prepare. Train. Succeed.

AK47 or AR15?

Yes. AK47 -or- AR15. If you can’t pick either one up and neutralize an immediate threat aggressor, you’ve trained wrong. One is not better than the other. We might -prefer- one over the other but the arguments over which is “numbuh one GI” are ridiculous. We don’t always get to choose our load out and sometimes we’re forced to pick up and use what rifle is laying closest to us. If you’ve only ever trained with an AK and you’re forced to pick up and use an AR, you’re going to be fumbling around on it like a drug fueled rock star blasting out a blazing fast guitar solo.

What about this, would you rather have an AR15 with a critical malfunction, crimped barrel and a broken trigger, or a fully loaded 12ga shotgun? The Shotgun? but wait! You -only- train with an AR because nothing is better, right? A weapon is only as effective as its operator. If we don’t train with every kind of firearm we can get our hands on, we’re placing an awful lot of faith on events outside of our control unfolding in our favor…That’s called Luck, by the way. Betting your life on Luck, however exciting and perhaps sometimes successful, isn’t at all the best bet to make.

Prepare, Train, Succeed.

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