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Immediate Threat Solutions is a Springfield Illinois based emergency preparedness and survival training organization. We offer our members and clients training in a wide spectrum of skillsets ranging from primitive bush craft and disaster preparedness to advanced firearm training, home defense and response to work place violence.

Some of our training modules and events are only open to I.T.S. club members. Membership is $50 a year. Member benefits includes invitation to exclusive events, learning courses and competitions as well as access to our training areas for scheduled use (schedules are dependent upon weather conditions).

Our training areas include over a mile of hiking trails, river access and a 50, 100 and 200 meter range with a 500 meter addition in progress. Access to the training area includes use of our mobile handgun and rifle targets.

Please contact us through our contact form or by email with any questions or comments.

CPR / First Aid – $30.00 (ARC, AHA approved, OSHA compliant)

In this basic skills course, participants will learn the most current methods of applying CPR to a person who has stopped breathing and has no heartbeat as well as how to address minor injuries and control bleeding. This course maintains compliance with OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.50(c) regarding employee training in CPR and first aid in the absence of a “near proximity” medical facility.

Gunshot Wound Trauma Management – $40.00

Gunshot wounds are extremely traumatic and painful injuries. If you have a trauma kit and the training to treat a gunshot wound you can greatly increase the chances of survival for an injured person. You may not be able to assess how much damage has been done, but controlling the bleeding may be the difference between life and death for the victim.

Active Shooter Response $40.00

Active shooter incidents are very often unpredictable and happen quickly. In the midst of the chaos, anyone can play an integral role in limiting the deaths and injuries caused by an active shooter situation. Don’t believe that you are helpless or that it wont happen to you. Learn how to respond, how to treat gunshot wounds and how to interact with the police.

Basic Firearm 1: Familiarization – $60.00

This course is designed for the beginner, for anyone who needs to learn the fundamentals of how firearms work, the different types of firearms, their safety measures, their applications and capabilities. This course involves live fire.

Basic Firearm 2: Proficiency – $60.00 (Prerequisite: Basic Firearm 1)

This course picks up where Basic Firearm 1 left off. You understand the safety, mechanics and capabilities of firearms, in basic firearm 2, you’ll learn about holsters and slings, drawing, pointing and shooting, reloading, firing at moving targets and more.

Home Defense – $60.00

This course covers all aspects of home defense and can be scheduled for the individual to take place in their home. Security measures, “hardening”,  non lethal defenses, firearm applications, safe rooms, exiting, working with law enforcement, after action protocols and more.

Advanced Concealed Carry – $160.00

This course picks up where the state required conceal carry course leaves off (This course is not an I.S.P. certified course and does not contribute any continuing education time towards any I.S.P. certified courses).

Training includes: CPR, gunshot wound trauma management, draw stroke, safe employ and effective real world applications in various positions and in various scenarios including crowded areas, against multiple threats, rapid reloads and after action responsibilities.

Course Requirements: Must be 21 years and older, possess a current FOID     Required Materials: Firearm, concealable holster, 500 rounds of ammunition, two magazines, insect repellent, eyes and ears protection.           Provided Materials: Water, cooling/warming stations,

Survival Preparedness

Situational Awareness and Crisis Management – $30.00

The best way to survive an immediate threat, is to have avoided that threat altogether. Whether it’s a ‘bad neighborhood” or a natural disaster, your family should know how to stay aware of their surroundings, look for danger, avoid that danger and to stay safe while it all unravels.

Firecraft –  $30.00

Learn how to build and safely maintain a fire using primitive and modern fire starting techniques.

Snares – $30.00

Learn the most effective snares and the best places to put them. Includes basic tracking techniques, material acquisition

Remote Emergency Medical Care (basic, Non Critical Care Injuries) $30.00

Scrapes, cuts, bumps and bruises are a minor inconvenience when we’re a block away from a drug store but minor injuries become major problems in the wilderness.


Archery – $20.00

Tomahawk Throwing/Axe Hurling – $20.00