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Immediate Threat Solutions is a Springfield Il. based survival and tactical training organization. We offer our members training in a wide spectrum of skillsets ranging from primitive bushcraft and disaster preparedness to advanced firearm training and home defense. If you are interested in our services, would like to schedule time for a course or have any questions about our scheduling, independent instructor contracting, or group discounts, please feel free to contact us on our contact form.


How it works:

Step 1: Contact us. If you have questions, contact us. If you want to become a member and take a course, contact us. If you’d like one on one training, contact us. If you’re interested in learning anything about survival or tactical applications and approaches to survival but don’t see a specific learning opportunity listed in our services, contact us.

Step 2: Take the first step.


Basic Firearm Familiarization – 65.00 for basic members,   35.00 for first tier members

This course is designed for the beginner, for anyone who needs to learn the fundamentals of how firearms work, the different types of firearms, their safety measures, their applications and capabilities. This course covers handguns, rifles and shotguns and does not involve live fire.


Advanced Firearm Familiarization – 150.00 for basic members,  80.00 for first tier members

Safe handling, stances, trigger and muzzle discipline, effective application, accuracy, reloads, firing while moving and working through weapon malfunctions.


Advanced Individual Firearm Training 200.00 for basic members, 125.00 for first tier members

One on one individualized modular training, designed to drastically increase your defensive capabilities by adapting training methods to fit your skill level and lifestyle. Point and shoot draw stroke, close quarters defensive fighting within your qualified defensive sphere (12ft or less from an aggressor), move and shoot, weapon retention, one hand shooting and reloads, non dominate hand shooting and reloads and more.


Home Defense – 175.00 for basic members, 85.00 for first tier members

This course covers all aspects of home defense and can be scheduled for the individual to take place in their home. Security measures, “hardening”,  non lethal defenses, firearm applications, safe rooms, exiting, working with law enforcement, after action protocols and more.


Advanced Conceal Carry – 200.00 for basic members, 100.00 for first tier members

This course picks up where the state required conceal carry course leaves off. You have learned the legality and responsibilities of carrying a concealed firearm, here you learn the methods to safely and effectively use your firearm in real world situations. You will train to draw and fire your weapon in various positions and in various situations including crowded areas, while seated, during a struggle, against multiple attackers and while protecting loved ones.


Fighting Pistol – 350.00 for basic members, 250.00 for first tier members

In this course, you will learn how to use your sidearm as a primary defensive weapon in multiple scenarios and settings. Fighting out of and around your vehicle, obstacle courses, speed reloads, off hand shooting, stress position firing, long distance shooting, accuracy drills and more  (includes refreshments)


Fighting Rifle  – 350.00 for basic members, 250.00 for first tier members

In this course, you will utilize the complete extent of your rifle’s capabilities with close quarter fighting, firing around obstacles, fighting in and around vehicles, 50 meter, 100 meter and 200 meter shots from different positions, moving while firing, speed reloads and more (includes refreshments)


Family Defense with Firearms For Parents – 175.00 for basic members, 125.00 for first tier members

Protecting our loved ones is one of the main reasons that many of us carry firearms. In this course, you will be shown various methods of how to engage an aggressor while keeping your children as far out of harm’s way as possible while defending them in different settings, both as a team and individually.


Asymmetric Defensive Fighting – 450.00 (Prerequisites: first tier members only, must have completed the Fighting Rifle course)

This time intensive course includes dynamic movements in stressful situations and should not be taken by anyone with any health or physical issues. Course includes fight training in and around vehicles, fighting from and through obstacles, long distance shooting, dynamic pistol, rifle and shotgun, simulated contact with aggressors.


Weapons Free Training – 20.00/person/hour (First tier members only), requires having passed the Advanced Firearm Familiarization course or being cleared for training area use by a Safety Officer. All training area use requires supervision by a Safety Officer)

Set up the targets and obstacles how you want, run the training area like you own it.


Test Your Kit – 175.00 for basic members, 100.00 for first tier members

You got the load out but every time you ready up and step outside, the neighbors call the police. Throw on your kit and hit the training area where you can put it through its paces with hiking patrols, obstacle courses, river crossing, move-fire drills and learn what works and what doesn’t.


Gunshot Wound Trauma Management – 40.00 for basic members, 25.00 for first tier members

Learn how to respond to a shooting and how to save a gunshot victim’s life.


Military Recruit Ready-Up Program – Military discount rate: $75.00 for all future veterans.

Our MRRU Program puts you through the paces with physical readiness training on our obstacle course, firearm familiarization all the while being dynamically encouraged to excel by our Safety Officers.




Survival Preparedness


Cataclysm Preparedness and Response – 160.00 for basic members, 80.00 for first tier members

This course will instruct you how to prepare for any cataclysmic event from tornadoes, riots and foreign invasion to power grid failure. You’ll learn the cheapest and most effective ways to gather supplies, how to store them and keep them safe as well as the types of gear and equipment you will need. You will also be instructed in how to respond to cataclysmic events, how to work with FEMA and the ICS during emergencies and also the safest, and fastest way to move through post event streets and countryside.


Basic Civil Unrest Preparedness and Response – 85.00 for basic members, 50.00 for first tier members

You look out your window to see what the commotion is and realize you are looking at civil unrest on par with Ferguson or Los Angeles. People are in the streets, they’re angry, they are operating with a “mob mentality” and you are stuck in the middle of it. Do you grab up the kids and your “go bags” and try to find a way out, or shelter in place and hope for the best? You will be instructed in how to “read the mob”, make decisions based on the current mood and news updates as well as how to avoid being seen as a “rioter” by law enforcement personnel.


Civil Unrest Family Survival – 175.00 for basic members, 100.00 for first tier members

Learn how to stage both Egress/shelter in place options, establish rally points, facilitate movement through pre-established routes, maintain tight “stack” contact while moving, various communication options and the best way to protect your family while you either ride out the storm or brave the chaos.


Situational Awareness and Crisis Response for Individuals, Families or Youth – 65.00 for basic members, 40.00 for first tier members

The best way to survive an immediate threat, is to have avoided that threat altogether. Whether it’s a ‘bad neighborhood” or a natural disaster, your family should know how to stay aware of their surroundings, look for danger, avoid that danger and to stay safe while it all unravels.


Tools of The Trade – 65.00 for basic members, 25.00 for first tier members

Suggestions, demonstrations and reviews of knives, backpacks, tomahawks and various other tools one would need to survive in the wild


Food accumulation and preservation – 80.00 for non members, 40.00 for members


Firecraft – 50.00 for basic members, 25.00 for first tier members

Learn how to build and safely maintain a fire using primitive and modern fire starting techniques.


Snares – 50.00 for basic members, 25.00 for first tier members


Hunting – 150.00 for basic members, 75.00 for first tier members


3 Day Survival Revival 300.00 for basic members 260.00 for first tier members (group rate discounts)

Grab your gear and hit the woods in this simulated TEOTWAWKI event. You’ll have nothing more than what you can carry on a 3 mile hike to your “safe zone” where you’ll work together to build a base camp and start accumulating the things you’ll need for an extended stay. Build low smoke, low visibility fires, set up perimeters and sentries, secure food and water as well as plan rapid evacuation protocols. You’ll also learn leadership tips that will help keep everyone cooperating and working towards a clear, common goal.


Remote Emergency Medical Care (basic, Non Critical Care Injuries)




Camping – Sandbar and Deep Woods 20.00 per night, camping with a planned, simulated supernatural attack 50.00 per night


4×4 or ATV Mud Trails 65.00 for basic members, 35.00 for first tier members


Basic Archery – 40.00 for basic members 25.00 for first tier members


Advanced Archery – 40.00 for basic members, 25.00 for first tier members


Tomahawk Throwing 40.00 for basic members 25.00 for first tier members


Obstacle Course / Trail Parkour 40.00 for basic members, 20.00 for first tier members (Must be accompanied by another member)


Rappelling for beginners 100.00 for basic members, 40.00 for first tier members (must have gloves designed for rope use)