Prepare. Train. Succeed.

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Hope For The Best, Prepare and Train For The Worst.

In any dangerous situation, there are “optimal” and “asymmetric” conditions. Example 1: You are driving your kids to an ice cream social and stop at a red light. A person approaches your window, skins a handgun and says “Get out of the car”. You calmly look left and right and then accelerate through the stop light, leaving your would be carjacker standing in the street with a puzzled look on their face as you drive away to safety. This would be an “optimal condition”. Only a limited amount of action was needed for you to face the threat and succeed. No drama, no trauma. Example 2: You are driving your kids to an ice cream social and a car in front of you slams on the brakes, you stop in time to avoid a collision but a car behind you taps your bumper and you are boxed in. Two people approach your car from either side, pull ARs from under their coats and tell you to “get out of the vehicle”. This is an “asymmetric condition”. The equation for success in this instance, has a huge amount of variables and your freedom of action is extremely limited. You’re more than likely going to get wet and if you haven’t prepared and trained for it, you’re going to face the threat and fail. Hope for Optimal Conditions in every aspect of your life. No violence, no trauma, no strife. Just living that life and staying dry. Prepare and Train for a hundred bad men wanting to do a thousand bad things to you in every aspect of your life. The skillsets you hone wont express themselves in Optimal conditions. For instance, just because you prepare and train yourself for close protection of your kids in asymmetric conditions doesn’t mean you’ll be driving your kids to an ice cream social while wearing body armor with an AK on your knee and a chest rig full of flashbangs. It just means that when it gets real, you aren’t staring at them headlights and pulling you bladder cork while bad people visit bad things on you… Enjoy the ice cream. Prepare, Train, Succeed.

It’s That Time of Year

Ticks. Mosquitoes and those damned Buffalo gnats. It might take some experimentation but it behooves everyone to figure out a concoction that will repel all three. Most of us use a combination of deet or deet substituted repellant for ticks and mosquitoes and a good spray or two of lemon eucalyptus stuff to keep the… Continue Reading

Emergency Food

This is an M.R.E., Meal Ready to Eat or as we like to call it “Three lies in one”. It’s a prepackaged food that’s easy to carry, has a fairly long shelf life and comes in a wide variety of “flavors”. If you don’t have an emergency food source stashed away already, these will keep… Continue Reading

People Are People Until They’re Not

Anyone who has been in an intense crisis situation with other Humans can tell you that people, while for the most part are or want to be inherently good, can become a critical liability when things go “squirrely”. Fear, Confusion, Mob Mentality and Despair can all combine and make normally decent folk behave in despicable… Continue Reading

Don’t Go Rigid

Survival situations are by nature asymmetrical. They can be static, meaning you stay in one place. They can be dynamic, meaning it involves a whole lot of rapid movements. They can be a combination of both. Get training and learn the tools of the trade but don’t get rigid with one way of doing anything.… Continue Reading

The Psychology of Survival

This will probably be the shortest explanation of a psychological structure that you will ever read. The psychology of Survival is….Do Not Give Up. That’s it. You can strengthen your knowledge base by picking survival scenarios that you might find yourself in and then training for them; but ultimately, if something puts you outside of… Continue Reading

The Three Reactions or The Three “F”s

Fight or Flight. We’ve all heard it. It is the catch all phrase that is used to describe the human reaction to dangerous situations. However broadly used and imbedded in our conscious minds that it might be, it isn’t exactly right. You see, those of us who have both been in life or death situation… Continue Reading

Plan On It Going Wrong

If your idea of “planning” for an emergency consists of a series of best case scenario events occurring in an unbroken chain, you have obviously never tried to execute a detailed plan in an asymmetric environment replete with unknown variables. If you think there is a “chance” that something might go wrong with a plan,… Continue Reading

Practice Strengths, Train Weaknesses

When we’re good at a skill, we should practice to keep it honed and to improve it. When we’re terrible at a skill, we should train ourselves in techniques and methods to make that weakness stronger. It’s more often than not, fun to practice with the skills we’ve already mastered and again, more often than… Continue Reading