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F. W. S. S.

Food Water Shelter Safety There’s been many debates and outright arguments over which is more important to secure first during a survival situation. The fact is, Food, Water, Shelter and Safety are all links in a chain. The more you have of each, the stronger your position becomes. When one link in the chain is… Continue Reading

No Greater Path

A student addressed their teacher, “Teacher, you train me to fight everyday, to never surrender even unto my last breath; but everyday also, you tell me to embrace nonviolence and that there is no greater path than the path of peace. How can these two ways both be true”. The teacher replied, “It is better… Continue Reading

AK47 or AR15?

Yes. AK47 -or- AR15. If you can’t pick either one up and neutralize an immediate threat aggressor, you’ve trained wrong. One is not better than the other. We might -prefer- one over the other but the arguments over which is “numbuh one GI” are ridiculous. We don’t always get to choose our load out and… Continue Reading

The “Mama/Papa Bear” Myth

Let’s talk about the Mama or Papa Bear Myth. The myth, which believe it or not is really a deep, entrenched mindset of some people, goes like this…”I don’t exercise or train to fight/survive but the moment either myself or my children are in danger, I become strong as a bear and will beat up anyone… Continue Reading


Readiness differs somewhat from preparedness. Readiness comes after we’ve prepared, when we are ready for whatever challenge we are going to be met with. We prepare for a natural disaster by gathering supplies, training in disaster response and coordinating our movements and plans with others. When we have prepared and trained, we begin to enter… Continue Reading


When we empower ourselves with knowledge, we’re adding a tool to our survival kit that can never be lost or taken. It doesn’t need to be oiled, it doesn’t weigh anything, it doesn’t wear out and as long as you are conscious, you can use it. Time is critical during all immediate threats to your… Continue Reading


“You cant prepare for every emergency” is something you’ll hear all the time. Even though this fosters an apathetic and or complacent mindset, it is partially correct. We in fact -shouldn’t- prepare for every possible emergency…preparing for an explosive decompression event in a space capsule, when it is extremely unlikely that we’ll be on a… Continue Reading